How to avoid spending any money during Black Friday and cyber weekend

There was a bit of hysteria during these past few days, Black Friday and all. I almost bought a curling iron, a hand mixer, and a pair of black jeans. I was completely smitten of course by the sales (which were not so impressive to be honest…) and the fact that everyone and their auntie were talking about buying stuff because it makes so much sense now that everything is 20% off (again, not so impressive…)

So I put the aforementioned items in my virtual shopping cart on several different website and was ready to hit “Confirm” until I changed my mind every single time right at the last second. Why? I’m not really sure, but I found myself asking the same questions, either in my head or out loud, before making any of these buys:


1. Do I really need this item? 

I know this sound like the biggest cliche ever, but it’s true that this simple question works almost every time. Do I really need a curling iron? No, my hair is curly already, maybe the trick is to invest into better hair styling products to make my curls more bouncy and shiny. Do I need this pair of black jeans? No, I actually have another pair that’s a bit faded, it’s true, but can hold for a little longer. And I do have another pair of woolen black trousers that I paid too much money for so I need to make as much use out of it as possible!

2. Do other people (WHOSE OPINION MEANS SOMETHING TO ME) think I need this item?

Oh my, this is a totally different question! Going back to the curling iron example, I asked my boyfriend while I was thinking about buying it:

– What do you think about me buying a curling iron?

– Honey, isn’t your hair already curly?

– Yeah, but this will help my hair look more structured and “professional”. Have you noticed how the hair of our friend P. looks good with nicely defined curls all the time?

– Ehmm…no I haven’t.

– Ok…but would you like me have curls that are more defined and structured?

– No, I actually like your hair very much, I find it very sexy.

Case closed. I DO NOT need that curling iron.

3. Can I spend this money in something that would make me more happy?

Following the latest trend that we should only keep in our lives what makes us happy – that being furniture, people or habits, I really thought about where I should be spending my few hundred euros on, instead of pants, hand mixers or curling irons. I was surprised to see that I managed to answer this question in a nano-second, which probably was a good sign that I should not be buying stuff that do not make my heart and mind jump at the mere thought of them. I want to spend money on traveling, house decoration (I’ve been after 3 bar stools for the past 9 months), and books. The mere thought of having a perfectly equipped apartment and a bunch of new books at my disposal made me so happy instantly. Much more than anything else I could find on Amazon.

So I guess what this article teaches us is not really how not to spend, but how to spend in a way that we won’t regret it once the box with our purchase arrives!!!

Don’t get me wrong though, I am dying to know what you got during the sales!!!



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