What if I have too many clothes? 

I came to a sad realisation a few days ago: I own too many clothes. My boyfriend has been telling me so since he moved in, but I chose not to believe him.

However I recently tried to do some rearranging and closet cleaning to pass the time on a cold winter evening and I came face to face with the hard truth: it’s too much.

Can there ever be too many clothes? Can one really say I don’t need all this? I thought no, you can never have enough. But I’ve come to think I was wrong. There are too many. And how do I know? 1) Because I have pieces I haven’t worn in more than 2 years. 2) Because I currently do not know where my sweaters are (yep, I managed to lose them in my own apartment. Just think! Think!)

Typical situation in one of our four shared closets in the apartment: 90% of space for my clothes, 10% for his…(see right top corner for some of his suits…)

Since my bf moved in, I’ve already gotten rid of 3 very large bags of clothes. I’m not throwing them away -oh no!- (and if you’re thinking of doing so, please don’t, read this if you want to know why). I donate them to Les Petits Riens, a Belgian organisation fighting poverty. What I also like about them is how easy it is to give your clothes, they just have large containers all around town so you can simply go and deposit your bag, no fuss no muss. There surely must be similar organisations close to you that do the same. Or if you also want to make a bit of money on the side take your clothes to a second hand store.

It’s amazing (and honestly really frustrating) how one day I feel totally overwhelmed by the amount of clothes I own while the next I’m totally freaking out for missions a perfect little black dress or a soft cashmere sweater in beige. I’m not sure what part of wanting more clothes is actual necessity and what part is simply fabricated by modern day consumerism, but I do know that I get bored with my clothes easily while I also don’t want to get rid of anything, which is kind of a schizophrenic situation. I want it all and I want it now. But I’ve developed a rule recently – for whatever goes in (the closet) something goes out (I didn’t really develop that rule, I’m not that mature. Again it’s my bf and our limited closet space that speak). And it’s working so far I have to admit.

Wishing you all a good weekend as I go back to sweater hunting in my own apartment!!!

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