Why we need to keep calm and follow the US election

It’s been such a weird thing to follow the latest months of the US campaigning for the presidential election. When Trump was confirmed as the Republican nominee I thought to myself “this is going to be fun!” Because I really thought dial trump it’s particularly fun, but because it was obvious that no one could really know what we were up for.

I was in the US last week (more on the trip coming soon!) and the amount of political discussion was really overwhelming. It probably is because people can relate to the two candidates much more than in previous elections (especially with Donald Trump), but it might be also because the current political debate has nothing to do with…well, politics.


With a few days remaining before the election, and with a bunch of scary stuff already gone down (I’m not even going to start discussing his comments on groping women, it was really shocking – although it made me wonder why people were not as shocked when he talked about deporting people or asking Russia to hack Hillary’s emails), it’s time to start reflecting on why things went so far.

I’m sure the historian of the future will look back at what we’re going through right now and will come back with a huge “WTF”? And it’s not just the US. We can see politicians that wouldn’t make sense five years ago gaining central roles in Europe as well. Brexit was also a proof of a huge shift in people’s perception about the global economy and European ideals.

It’s clear that somewhere along the way people got tired of the status quo (despite the fact that the status quo was peace and prosperity – ok for the most part at lest…) This is not the best place to discuss politics and I’m not the most qualified person to do so. However, I believe we all need to take a deep breath, sit back and start thinking. Like really thinking using our heads about what is the society we want our children to live in.

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