Why September is the best month of the year

Today is the first day of fall, September 1st, the beginning of a new school season, a time when goals are being set and strategies rolled out.

I’ve always loved September, it’s easily my favourite month of the year. It feels more “new” than New Year’s, it feels fresh because it’s not too warm any more, however the weather is still good, we look our best because we’re tanned and with sun-kissed hair, we get back together with our friends we’ve missed during holidays and spend nights sharing stories and chilled wine.

And most of all, a new season lies ahead of us and we get a clean slate 🙂

I have so many plans for this new season – learn a new language, refresh my French, take up music again or maybe start dance classes? So many possibilities, so little time!

And maybe start focusing on this blog a little more…

What about you? What are your plans starting this new season?

Great September view of the Atomium in Brussels.



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