Mediterranean gnocchi recipe

When the weather gets warm (and thank God it has – yes, summer is officially in Belgium people!), my cooking choices always revert to the Mediterranean diet – simple stuff, almost no meat, lots of olive oil and herbs.

I tried a new recipe with gnocchi the other day that I really enjoyed making and eating so I thought toshare it here with you. I actuallycamepup with it right on the spot, as I had a few vegetables in my fridge that I need to consumer before I leave Brussels this weekend (I’ll be gone for three weeks and every time I have to travel for such a long time there is always a cleaning the fridge procedure going on, I hate throwing food away!!!)

So this is really easy peasy and here’s what you need to have to make it happen (serves 2):

A 500 gr pack of gnocchi

Two tbsp of olive oil

1 aubergine (chopped in cubes)

1 zucchini (chopped in cubes)

A handful of porcini mushrooms (sliced not too thinly)

Half an onion (thinly sliced)

4 medium-sized ripe tomatoes (each cut in 4 big cubes)

1 tbsp concentrated tomato sauce

3/4 cup water

Herbs according to preference (I used oregano and dried basil for this one)

Salt & pepper to taste

A pinch of sweet paprika

A few capers

A few kalamata olive oils to taste

1 garlic clove (unless you cook this to take to work for lunch the next day or to serve on a first date, in which cases skip the garlic)


How to make it:

We warm up the oil in a normal pan, adding the onion once the oil is hot and cooking it until soft and slightly brown.

Add the vegetables and cook for a few more minutes, until everything in the pan has a nice golden touch because of the olive oil.

(Note: I usually cook in low temperatures to make sure I can control the process. On a scale from 1-9 I would cook the vegetables on 6).

Lower the heat (in my case, I would take it down to 4) and add the tomatoes, the salt, the pepper and the herbs. Add the tomato sauce and the water. Stir well so everything comes together nicely and let cook for about 15-20 minutes.

Cook the gnocchi (follow the advice on the packaging, it always works well with pasta).

Dry the gnocchi and add in the sauce for a final spin.

Serve warm or not so warm, with or without cheese, with or without a glass of chilled wine. So easy like summer should be 😉




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