The king is dead 

I was very sad to read the news this morning that Bill Cunningham, king of street style photography, has died.

Like many of us, I found out more about this man that was as close to a “living legend” as anyone can be, through the 2010 documentary  Bill Cunningham New York (which I recommend to everyone, it’s really a very touching film). He really was a true artist, not just in fashion or photography terms, but more in the way he was approaching life and his métier.

Bill Cunningham will be missed not only because of his great talent but also because of his gentle personality and his always smiling face. I would have loved to catch him once in New York, on his bike, with his blue jacket and his camera in hand, and I would smile and wave at him and he would smile back as humbly as humanly possible.

Goodbye Bill Cunningham, you will be remembered.


First Thought Films/Zeitgeist Films


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