Yes, this article is about Orlando. And I hope you’re not tired from reading too many articles about Orlando in the days since the shooting, because the horror was really so big that there are not enough words to fight back.

The one and only thing that makes this life #worthlivinit is love. Love for your family, for your partner, for the animals, for the planet, for your job, for yourself. Love is one thing, it covers all aspects of one’s personality. If you’re a person capable of love, you can’t be selective. You can’t be dismissive. You can’t be racist, homophobic, a misogynist, a torturer of animals, a murderer. You can prefer certain things over others, sure, but you can’t be a loving person if you set limits to your love. Love is unconditional and one. It’s our purpose on this earth.

I won’t go into analysing the actions or beliefs of the person that caused all this pain in Orlando. I won’t go into the anti-gun discussion either (although I very strongly believe that U.S. gun laws need to change like yesterday). I won’t say that acts of terrorism don’t scare me and I won’t pretend to lead my life as usual after what happened in Paris, Brussels, Orlando, Istanbul, Tel Aviv and so many other places around the globe.

What I will do though is continue loving. I will continue dismissing all the hate talk that wants to separate us according to our colour, shape, religion or desires. ‘Cause only love can save this world.

Picture taken at yesterday’s gathering in Brussels in memory of the Orlando victims. Credit: Ancienne Belgique


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