City life

Green power 

Ahhh Spring is the best time of the year…it’s the change from cold to warm, from dark to bright, from in to out. 

We have this amazing thing in Brussels that I hadn’t seen in any of the other cities I’ve lived in: amazing backyards even in the middle of the city centre. I live very close to Place Flagey, which for Brussels connoisseurs, is like one of the most central areas, full of concrete and with no trace of green.

Yet, this is what I see from my balcony every morning….it’s the image that makes me calm down, keep away any bad thoughts or stress I have for the day ahead, kind of my own meditation app right outside my window. 

I love having my coffee here in the morning, this morning actually for the first time with my summer night dress!!! I know it won’t last, but oh Brussels your good weather makes you so much more #worthlivinit.

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