Small talk

It’s not a coincidence that weather is an acceptable form of small talk pretty much everywhere around this planet of ours. The reason is simple: people are happy when the weather is good and unhappy when it’s not. Sunshine and everything that brings with is totally #worthlivinit material.

The problem is that this year, the sun didn’t show. We were stood up. We had an appointment as usual around April, but the sun never came. Never told us why, never alerted us to the fact that we should have piled up jumpers during winter sales.

And we, Brussels people, were left wondering: Is it gonna get warmer any time soon?

First answer that comes in mind: NO
As a matter of fact, weather has recently moved beyond being good small talk for my daily course of business (I’m required to do much of that, so it’s usually weather, Game of Thrones or Donald Trump’s latest blurb). Weather has started to actually influence my mood, like SERIOUSLY. I’m mostly feeling numb, without any motivation to work or party, I feel like it’s never gonna get warm, I don’t have the energy to put on make up or dress up just because I have to wear a ridiculously big coat although we’re almost in May.

View from my balcony: gross 
View from my office: more gross
There are good things about rain and cold weather (hot chocolate, Netflix binge watching, a working fireplace, the softest blanket in the world etc.) However, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I’m in serious need of some vitamin D. I need to stop complaining and get my s*^^$%t together and go visit a sunny country for a long weekend. Find a good friend or do it on my own. Persuade the boy that he needs to work a bit less and come with me to the sun. It’s necessary. And I need to do it sooner than later. Because that’s how Aliki will get her mojo back.

Any suggestions? 🙂

Another good thing about the rain: walking umbrellas 🙂

One thought on “Small talk

  1. Those photos are terrible, haha! Here in Germany we had the whole last week such a shity weather! And well you are right, enough is enough! But fortunately sun comes out today and you already can smell spring 🙂


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