I can’t believe Prince is gone

When the news hit me last night, it felt exactly like this: like someone hit me, hard and unexpectedly and sucked the breath out of my lungs.

A friend said Prince died and I couldn’t wrap my head around it. Just like earlier this year when we had to mourn the early loss of another of our own, David Bowie.

Because no matter how important musicians, composers, or singers these two legends might have been, what really made us all shiver is that they were “of our own”. This has always been in my mind what distinguished amazing artists from “good professionals”. There are people all over the world, of all ages, backgrounds, races and colour that were deeply touched by Prince’s music. The memories we have built using his work as a soundtrack for our lives will never be forgotten. Artists are blessed in this way, they can touch millions of hearts at the same time, but in totally different ways. Artists can change people, influence lives, make someone’s day better or worse. And throgh that they receive immortality. They are like God in a way.

I personally have a very fond memory of Prince’s music. A first kiss with a very exceptional boy while Purple Rain was playing on repeat. This will always be a link between and him and Prince gave us that perfect moment.

Rest in Peace.

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