I’m woman and I like it 

Go Newtown Fire Station! (pic taken from @unionsaustralia twitter account

Today’s International Women’s Day and we’re all celebrating here at worthlivinit HQ (by “all” I mean me, my flatmate and my boy)!!!!!

Being a woman is actually an achievement on its own. Having to go through so many weird things in life, from getting our period to having our positions as leaders being questioned all the time (plus wearing heels – what’s the deal with that?) (actually, I looooove heels), makes “the fair sex” sound like the biggest understatement since the beginning of time.

My biggest influence as a woman has been my mother. She is an amazingly strong woman, who always stressed to me the importance of speaking my own mind, listening to others, never let an opportunity go to waste, and also take pride in my decisions and choices and stand by them. She went to university (which was not a given in her time and for girls coming from her background), she is more independent and open-minded than most people my age, she never told me “no” whenever I asked for money to study stuff, although she more than often told me “no” when it came to buying 150-euros trainers to go to school (and this was such a great lesson).

My mother is not very artsy, yet she insisted I finish my music studies even when I wanted to drop. My mother has never lived abroad, and yet she gave me everything I needed (money, time and all kinds of support) to enable me live in London and then Brussels. My mom’s heart aches a little every day because I’m far away, yet she has always put my happiness first and has never asked me to return back home.

So, my mom is one of my biggest female role models. And Beyoncé (DUH!!!!)


On this amazing day, there is nothing I would like to say louder than that: BELIEVE IN YOURSELVES. Women have conquered so much throughout history and they never gave up. And we should never give up. Never listen to anyone that tells you that you cannot do it or “you’re not good enough for it”. Everything is on the tip of our fingers and the world is our oyster.

Here’s to all the strong women in our lives.

P.S. Today’s also my little brother’s birthday. Happy birthday kitsoulino mou, you’re the person I love the most in this world and I wish you only the best from the bottom of my heart.

P.S. My mom doesn’t speak English and she won’t really get what I’m writing here, so let me do this shortly in Greek: Μανούλα σ’αγαπώ, είσαι μια αστείρευτη πηγή έμπνευσης και δύναμης για μένα και κάθε μέρα που περνάει σκέφτομαι πόσο ευλογημένη είμαι που έχω εσένα μάνα.

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