People say relationships of a sexual nature are hard. What about friendships? I say they’re worse.

I mean relationships, they can get very hard for the most weird of reasons: because people love people. And when we love, breaking up, arguing, raising our voice, even standing by our (right) opinion is hard as hell.

But I’ve always found that it’s easier to break off a partner than a friend. I’ve actually never “broken up” with a friend. Of course, there are friendships that haven’t stood the test of time, people I stopped seeing because we changed cities, jobs, hobbies. And that’s all normal and cool, but I’ve never really broke it off with anyone. I’ve never been dumped by a friend, I’ve never had a fight with a friend, I’ve never stalked a friend to see if they’re cheating on me or lied to a friend to make them jealous. I’ve never felt like I never want to see a friend again or that continue hanging out with the same friend is bad for me.

And exactly because of the lack of drama during all these years, I’m now found at a very difficult position of wanting to break it off with a friend and not knowing how.

I get this feeling sometimes that we need to be good with everyone to keep our karma free of stains in case there is an afterlife. And then I remember that we don’t have 200 years, hence not enough time, to be good with everyone.

Which means…I’m torn.

Friends are for life, they are our chosen family and how can you break ties with family?


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