48 hours in Rome

This blog is all about doing things that make your life worth living. Easy things. Small things that make a difference. First in my very long list: traveling.

First in my very long traveling list: A weekend in Rome.

It’s the sun and the food and not much else really matters  when it comes to the Italian capital. The Eternal City. The birthplace of so many important artists, philosophers, politicians, fashion designers (AND FILM MAKERS, LET ME BE CLEAR ABOUT AMAZING FILM MAKERS).

- What is this? - This is pure beauty, therefore happiness.
– What is this?
– This is pure beauty, therefore happiness.

I hopped on a flight to Rome on Friday afternoon. Less than two hours later I was already transported to the land of the warm and brave (eaters). It wasn’t my first time in the city, so I decided to skip the 100% touristic experience, as my main purpose was to soak in as much sun as possible in the 48 hours I had before getting back to Brussels.

My other goal was to EAT. Which is an easily enough achievable goal given the number of amazing places one can find in Rome. Maybe variety is not the city’s forte, but let’s not kid ourselves: who cares about variety when Italian food is the norm? Pasta for lunch, pizza for dinner, some gelato in between to keep those juices flowing – yes, it’s good, sign me up for life PLEASE. I really appreciate good food. I think good food is one of the best things in life, second only to love making. So we did eat a lot.

I’m not going to be showing you photos of the food as such, the point is not to advertise specific places. Who needs pictures any way – we’re just talking about pizza and pasta and ice cream. Think about the best versions of this stuff you’ve ever tried. Then imagine it’s even better. Then fly to Rome to find out that food heaven is indeed a place on earth.

The men. I could dedicate approximately 4368 pages writing about Italian men. They are my favourite men on the planet. Metrosexual? Yes. Too much jewelry? Yes. Eyebrow over-pluckers? Yes. Chewing gum in a non-so-subtle way? Yes. Totally worth a trip to Rome? Yes.

Okay, to be honest I did not experience the ultimate fantasy of being dressed like Sophia Loren, walking down a narrow street, with clothes hanging above my head, while a couple of the cutest guys I’ve ever seen whistle in admiration while driving by on a vespa.

BUT. The insanely good looking guys are there. The vespas are there. The cute little streets are there. Could it be that I usually go around in Converse All Stars instead of black pumps. Probably? I won’t blame anything on them in any case – Italian men are my favourite kind, period. They know how to take good care of themselves, they are not afraid to use products, smell good and trim, they understand the importance of looking good for the ladies and for themselves. Although I think I’ve seen more stylish men in Milan or Florence, Rome is definitely a great destination to visit for some Sophia Loren daydreaming. I like my men dark and loud and Italians seem to be a very good combination of both.

And last but not least. THE BEAUTY. Rome is simply beautiful. There’s nothing more to say about it, nothing less, it is simply breathtaking. This amazing  combination of colours – mostly various shadows of dusty pink, with yellow accents and dark green shutters -, the architecture and the ancient ruins make Rome a city of incomparable beauty. And all this below the golden Roman light.

La grande belleza

Bottom line: Find a weekend. Find (a) friend(s). Find a place to stay. Find a small budget (Rome is not too expensive. If you manage to stay away from designer stores and eliminate souvenir buys to the minimum, you should be more than fine). What I spent for 48 hours came down to a bit less than 200 euros (accommodation included, flights excluded, souvenir buys limited to a pack of pasta, a cup of salt with truffle and a jar of mushroom pâté all from Fiumicino Airport).

Arrivederci Roma. We will be seeing each other soon.

Rome mini-guide for the weekend


  • Convenient weekend options from Brussels, Paris, London, Lisbon, Athens, Madrid, Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg (try for all possible options, I’m listing only a few of the possible options here).


  • Feelin Rome (bed & breakfast) – good for a sensible budget like the one described above. Good location, quiet neighbourhood, very clean and brand new. If you have a thing for sugar, try the breakfast offered by the owners. By the second day, you will have given up sugar altogether, because that’s almost all they offer for breakfast 🙂
  • Don’t forget Airbnb – sharing (economy) is caring, people!!!


  • Pasta at Trattoria Perilli – simply great, but feel free to read my and fellow Perilli lovers full reviews here.
  • Pizza everywhere around the Fontana di Trevi.



  • Trastevere – read here Lonely Planet’s tips and do not miss the Jewish Ghetto.
  • Mercato di Campagna Amica del Circo Massimo – San Teodoro: This is probably one of the cutest food markets you’ve ever been to. If you do pork, PLEASE TRY A ROASTED PORC SANDWICH. And think of me every time you take a bite. Because this has been one of the best things I’ve tasted in life (so far).




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